Bankset Energy sun solar on railsway power supply, on grid , off grid and batteries . 2012-2023

BANKSET's mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Rails electrification and power supply based on Bankset solar railways.

We invented the solar rails road. Bankset is building the worlds largest solar power plant network grid based on the rails way infrastructure network.


part I

The Bankset Modules , Solar Cells and Clones

part II

The Bankset rails fastener on all continents

part III

Cables and export lines, voltage and amps

part IV

Power supply, on, off, batteries, grid systems, hydrogen

part V

Maintenance rails line and operations

part VI

Maintenance power supply

part VII

Power supply and rails digitalisations products

part VIII

Bankset project management and finance

part IX

Investors relations, Bankset equities, shareholders and bonds prospectus

part X

News line and press releases, media books photos and videos, History.

part XI

Projects and Infrastructure

part XII

Logistics and Distribution

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